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Home Mattress Care – How to Keep Our Sleep Environment Clean, Fresh And Healthy?

Posted by Paul Withers on

Humidity in Bed

Making the bed every morning as soon as we get up is a habit from our childhood and maintains homes properly every day.

Researches in the last years disclose that it is not so suitable for the mattress because an essential part of body processes occur during the night sleep. They are linked with water lost, and bedsheets need for fresh air because of the formed vapours while we are asleep. Diligent people who prefer making the bed in mornings risk to allow the moisture to trap deeply in the mattress which could be perfect soil for dust mites and plenty other pathogens we breathe and touch.

To improve your sleep environment and bedding cleanliness, try to turn back the duvet. That simple change in a conventional way for bed-making will ensure more fresh air in bed, and built humidity can quickly evaporate. The process of regular sweating at night can be a sign of health disbalance, and we must regulate it through open windows, comfortable temperatures, suitable textile materials, and ideal air conditions. Humidity in bedrooms is harmful to the quality of the night’s sleep and the way we feel during the whole day.

Bed-linens washing

Regular bedding washing is a significant part of proper home maintenance. It must occur at least once a week and even more during the hot season. Do not allow bacteria to take up residence in the mattress. Make twice a week an overall changing of sheets and duvet covering with high-temperature washing to kill pathogens.


A protector could be a great option to defend mattress status and freshness in-depth. You can wash such sheet every month to keep it in superior shape, following all of the recommendations in label.


We cannot imagine the awful invisible mess that the human body produces-a mixture of dust, dead skin, acari and bacteria. Vacuuming is essential, and you can apply it once a month. Experts recommend a low suction setting as the most efficient in that case. Use also upholstery attachment to make a thorough grime removal. Be careful with pipings, nooks and crannies along the mattress surface; they need special attention.

According to some of the manufacturers, it would be possible to damage the structure and to dislodge mattress filling through the process of vacuuming.

Stain removal

Another typical problem can be spills and stains. The immediate reaction is quite necessary to protect the mattress from damage and permanent colouration. What can we do in such unexpected spill accidents?

At first, it’s better to stand up the mattress, if possible. Treat the dirty area with a clean cloth, soaked into cold water, taking care not to wet it a lot. Then apply with dry microfiber and repeat the procedure with a suitable spot cleaner. These products, which are for carpets and upholstery cleaning, should be a proper solution. Sponge, and finally, the treated zone with clean water to rinse.

Most experts advice to rely on aa mild soapy solution while we are striving to get rid of stains on the mattress. Creamy foam is not the right choice. Allow it to dry in a well-ventilated room or outside.

Please, pay attention to bed cleanliness, and protect it from accidents and damage too. Food and drinks in bed could be romantic and relaxing, but with unpleasant consequences. Be sure it is protected enough and supported thoroughly.

Fresh Air and Sunlight

Use sunny and dry days to open windows and let the lights disinfect and refreshen the mattress. Strip it and let it sit for several hours to one full day. That helps excess humidity disappear and reduces the number of acari in the textile.


Please, do not underestimate the importance of complete drying after washing. Avoid harsh products to protect the product material. It is not a challenge to eliminate strong fragrances from home chores. That is essential, especially when it comes to bedrooms. A pure dwelling should smell like nothing. Too many aromas cannot refresh indoor space but can cause you health problems, asthma, and allergies.

Rotating/Turning Mattresses

No matter the type of mattress, the benefits from its regular turning/rotating are a lot. That smart trick is to promote more even wear, avoiding depression and softening. Besides that, when someone is jumping on it, the mattress is prone to damage and quick tear and wear.

Cleaning directions

Cleaning directions on the label are among the significant factors for its long lifespan. To notice and follow them sometimes could be a vital habit. Usually, manufacturers’ recommendations and warnings can help you to keep your home possession adequately, but not only. You would be aware of some of the best practices for mattress maintenance, which can ensure your healthy sleep, comfortable, relaxation and good home investment.